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22284RE: [XP] Recovering from Customer In Absentia

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  • Blum, Robert
    Mar 1, 2001
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      > 1. Stop our momentum on implementing the rules, and do it in
      > the order he
      > wants.
      > 2. Blow him off completely, and do it the way we know is right.
      > 3. Try to convince him to change his ranking, as graphics
      > without rules
      > doesn't really provide him any business value. (I like this one best).
      > Any thoughts?

      Only choice 1 is really valid. You might _try_ explaining to him why the
      rules are more important than the glitz, but you can't talk about business
      value. You simply don't know.

      And yes, there are valid cases where glitz provides better business value.
      Just assume he's pitching the game to a publisher. You don't need the full
      rule set to show off the game, but you want to demonstrate that it will be
      bought. So if it looks terrible (or is invisible), there's no sell. So, the
      gfx might have more value.

      2 and your current version of 3 assume you know business value for the
      customer. As a rule of thumb, you don't. That's why your customer is running
      his business, and you're running yours. And even if you're sure you know the
      business value, let the customer tell you. Explain your reasoning if you
      disagree, but if he insists, it's his choice.

      So a modified 3 might be applicable and is probably the best solution -
      simply because 1) and 2) don't involve any communication. Which is sorta
      core to XP :-)



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