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22254Redesign vs. Refactor (Was Re: RE: [XP] Candidate for "Replace Conditional With Polymorphism"?)

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  • Laurent Bossavit
    Mar 1, 2001
      > I liked Laurent's solution, but would propose a sideways way of
      > looking at it that might be even clearer. I present the following
      > rough pseeeeeeudocode:

      But I would say your suggestion is a redesign, not a refactoring.
      Are you sure that you wouldn't break any tests along the way ?

      There's an interesting general question here - is refactoring
      *always* preferable to redesigning, even when (setting myself up as
      devil's advocate) there is an alternative design clearly superior to
      the existing one and you have confidence that you can build the
      new design in and still have all the tests pass at the end ?

      (I know, it's a loaded question. It's intended that way.)

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      invent it.
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