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20656RE: [XP] Pilot Project in XP

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  • Larmore, Edward
    Feb 1 5:06 PM
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      It wasn't clear from your original message whether you are putting C++ to
      practice at your job or at home. If you are, don't read the rest of this

      Books are great. I have lots of them. But all the reading in the world isn't
      going to teach you like putting it to practice. I recommend that you pick
      something to work on for fun, like a game. And then implement it in C++ (or
      whatever language you settle on). Buy a cheap compiler from CompUSA or
      something, install it, and start programming! That is what I did (and still
      doing), and it got me my current job as a Java programmer.


      > Sorry to everyone on this list for being a question only kind of member
      > I lack the experience I see that most of you have. I have yet another
      > question for any of the gracious folks on the list to answer for me if
      > like.

      > well im definatly going to program primarily in c++... I love OOP... but I
      > am afraid that I'm not getting the correct reading materials for the job.
      > have read through SAMS Teach yourself c++ in 24 hrs (more like 24 days)
      > both of Meyer's effective c++ books (which i really enjoyed and learned a
      > lot from). These are the three basic books I have learned the majority of
      > what I know about c++ from but I am now confronted with a dead end. I have
      > of course purchased Bjarne's The evolution of C++ and I'm now confused
      > I should go next. Does anyone have any good books out there to recommend
      > a future OOP programmer.. Does anyone suggest I should dip my nose into
      > other languages for my benefit's sake?

      > Once again I thank everyone for answering my questions so open
      > I'm sorry I'm not able to answer any of your own questions but I hope to
      > the future!

      > nicholas

      -Ed Larmore
      R a t i o n a l
      the e-development company

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      THANKS FOR ALL THE BOOKS EVERYONE!!! I'm very thankful for your help.
      Oh and by the way....
      Who are the authors of The c++ programming language, Design Patterns, and
      C++ FAQ?


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