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20653Re: [XP] Pilot Project in XP

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  • Eric Herman
    Feb 1, 2001
      > >One of the problems I had was trying to keep the customer from getting
      > >bored. I had him write down user stories. When he was done with that, I

      In addition to writing and ranking stories, the customer is also in charge
      of acceptance tests. In addition to writing the stories, you might ask him
      to attach a test definition.

      If you don't have automated acceptance testing yet, this could be as simple
      as a usage script written on the back of the user story card:
      "Open Browser, go to development main page, enter "TestUser" and
      "TestPass". At welcome screen? Yes: Pass!"

      For each story, there should be at least one test definition, right? Plus
      testing error conditions and some combinations of input and such. Just like
      the unit tests, these functional tests will accumulate quickly.

      And these all need to be run regularly ... hopefully as each new story that
      is signed off by the customer as completed, but at least at the end of each
      iteration. If you don't yet have automated acceptance tests, your customer
      needs to be doing a lot of by hand testing. The customer may even find
      themselves swamped after only a couple of iterations.

      Eric Herman
      Product Sight
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