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20649Re: [XP] Pilot Project in XP

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Feb 1, 2001
      At 10:45 AM 2/1/2001 -0800, it seemed like Larmore, Edward wrote:
      >One of the problems I had was trying to keep the customer from getting
      >bored. I had him write down user stories. When he was done with that, I had
      >him rank them by priority. When he was done with that, I didn't know what to
      >do with him. He asked if phone contact would be sufficient in the future. I
      >explained that XP encourages an on-site customer at all times. Should I ask
      >him to bring a book to read next time, or is phone contact good enough?

      Marvelous report, Ed, and congratulations for trying it. Sounds like a good

      Real customers have real jobs they can do while they are with you. And you
      probably knew the game very well. IRL the customer sits through the
      planning and estimating process, explains the stories, observes the tasking
      (and often observes that we didn't understand the story). Then s/he goes
      back to her day job, staying on call for questions. Phone can work. If you
      have real questions for the customer, observe how ready you are to just
      talk across the room vs how [un]willing to call on the phone. Should give
      you an appreciation for having them there.

      For an experiment, sure, reading a book or surfing is just fine.

      Great stuff! Congrats again!

      Ronald E Jeffries
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