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20647CRT's and Dyslexia (Was: Re: [XP] C++ Books and extra stuff)

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  • Ryan King
    Feb 1, 2001
      On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 05:11:15PM -0000, Jason Gruber wrote:
      > > I have found that, for me, soft copies beat hard copy references by a long
      > > shot. I have yet to meet a back-of-the-book index that could beat
      > > /usr/bin/grep.
      > Love too but Dyslexia makes it a bit hard.
      Ahhh... I'm sorry. I hate being insensitive to stuff like that. Though
      the soft copies might still be useful as a one-off reference guide, which
      is all I use it for anyway (I can't imagine reading much of the C++
      standard in one sitting).

      I am, however, intrigued by this
      "dyslexia-makes-reading-things-on-the-computer-more-difficult" thing.

      Do flat panel displays help at all?

      Would having the angle adjusted help? -- I.e., I've seen some desks that
      have a glass top that you look down through at your monitor, which might
      make it better emulate the angle you have when you read a book.

      Which is easier for you to read? Dark text on light background or light
      background on dark test? No difference?

      If you were to take one of the old teletypes where the display is just a
      printer, would that solve the problem (though of course it would add to
      other problems).

      I don't think I have any traces of dyslexia, and for the most part I'm
      new skool when it comes to hard vs. soft copies. Still, even I enjoy the
      ability that hard copies give you to change positions when reading a long

      I'm wondering if "the future" holds a solution with the flexibility of
      soft copies and the friendliness of hard copies.

      > That and a winmodem in home pc(</usr/bin/grep>!). Must get round to
      > changing that..
      You, too, can have your very own /usr/bin/grep:

      > Thanks for all the books. www.ucca.org is a great site.
      I have to echo the sentiments of Mr. Rosenstrauch when he so aptly
      "The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America web site?!?!?!?"???!?!?!?

      - Ryan King
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