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20643RE: [XP] Pilot Project in XP

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  • Javier Campoamor
    Feb 1, 2001
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      He should write the acceptance test. And he can do his own work not related
      with the development (read a book is a nice work, not too hard).

      And better than the phone contact would be the NetMeeting contact. You can
      share the applications and show him everything that you want.



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      > Asunto: [XP] Pilot Project in XP
      > I'm new to XP, and decided to learn by doing. Two friends and I
      > started last
      > night on implementing a game, called Ader's Cage, in Java. One of the
      > friends is playing the customer, and the other friend and I are a
      > programming pair. It is my first XP project. Here are some of the
      > observations I made.
      > The biggest lesson I learned last night was that writing tests
      > first helps a
      > lot. Once a given test is written, implementing the method being
      > tested is a
      > piece of cake. It really is a revolutionary idea.
      > Another lesson I learned is that pair programming helps keep the code
      > simple, because you're constantly bouncing ideas back and forth with your
      > partner. But you have to actively resist the temptation to design for the
      > future.
      > One of the problems I had was trying to keep the customer from getting
      > bored. I had him write down user stories. When he was done with
      > that, I had
      > him rank them by priority. When he was done with that, I didn't
      > know what to
      > do with him. He asked if phone contact would be sufficient in the
      > future. I
      > explained that XP encourages an on-site customer at all times.
      > Should I ask
      > him to bring a book to read next time, or is phone contact good enough?
      > -Ed Larmore
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