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18540Re: Architecture for XP and scalable web sites

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  • Chad Fowler
    Jan 2, 2001
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      > The clear consensus is to keep the technology simple. Now to pick a
      > robust and simple technology that works well with XP. Java is a much
      > cleaner environment than ActiveX which would suggest not using MS-
      > based development environment for IIS. A new question: what
      > combination of development tools and deployment environment is best
      > for a Web application built using XP? It should have a clean object
      > model and a build environment that allows for rapid development
      > times. It must also be robust and a good performer because I don't
      > want to be kludging around limitations or speed bottlenecks. What is
      > being used for XP and how is it working?
      > Keith Richardson

      I would suggest that keeping your technology choice as open as
      possible is a good plan. This enables you to start with simplicity
      and grow when the need arises with less investment than a proprietary
      alternative would afford. We are successfully using and deploying
      Enhydra (http://www.enhydra.org) in a change-heavy iterative
      development environment. We have been very happy with its performance
      and flexibility (as well as its price--Open Source).
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