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18518Re: [XP] Properties of a coach

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Jan 1, 2001
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      At 12:54 AM 1/2/2001 +0000, it seemed like robert_Dawson777@... wrote:
      >What would people see as being requirements for a coach?
      >I am in a location where there doesn't seem to be many people who have
      >actually used XP around. Short of experience on multiple XP projects,
      >can anyone make any suggestions.

      It's awfully hard to coach a game you haven't played. It's even hard to
      coach a game you HAVE played, as it takes a kind of analytic eye and a
      bunch of personality stuff (much of which I obviously don't have ;-> )

      For a while I have been feeling that teams could do well without a coach,
      and in fact some do. I am coming to believe that if a team were open to
      hearing ideas, an experienced coach could improve their performance by 10,
      20 percent, perhaps even more.

      No harm done trying to coach with no experience. Just recognize that it is
      even more true for you than for an experienced coach that you don't know
      what you're talking about. And I certainly don't ... ;->


      Ronald E Jeffries
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