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18516Re: Architecture for XP and scalable web sites

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  • Keith Richardson
    Jan 1, 2001
      --- In extremeprogramming@egroups.com, Ron Jeffries
      <ronjeffries@a...> wrote:
      > At 11:27 PM 1/1/2001 +0000, it seemed like Keith Richardson wrote:
      > >How would you have handled the user story: "Must be able to scale
      > >quickly to unpredictable levels when a new client wants to deploy
      > >a high load environment"? Maybe there is a good reason by this is a
      > >bad user story but I am having a hard time not having this need
      > >to a technology selection.
      > Well, this is a copout, but that story can't be estimated (at least
      not by
      > me). I'd have to break it down into stories like "must be able to
      run 100
      > hits per second on a Pentium IV" or something.
      > Then I'd have to do some experiments. This process might look
      > exactly like technology selection.
      > Ronald E Jeffries
      > http://www.XProgramming.com
      > http://www.objectmentor.com

      I think I am faced with having to take a copout of some form. We will
      be creating solutions that are installed by our clients and used by
      their customers. Some clients are large with jobs running through
      hundreds of plants that are accessed though a single Web site. I have
      absolutely no idea how often their customers will be accessing the
      site - the clients don't know either. Trying to put a number of this
      would be a wild guess at best. The worst that can happen if the most
      scalable technology is selected is the project takes longer to
      implement and the deployment costs are slightly higher. The worst
      that can happen if we go for lightweight solutions is that we find
      the system is unusable when it eventually gets deployed. That would
      be bad!

      There have been several messages in this forum describing situations
      where EJB was found to be overkill and unnecessary. I am worried that
      selecting another technology could leave me doing major rework
      against a deployment deadline when I run in to the eventual
      performance bottleneck. What success have other Web developers had in
      passing performance limits?
      Keith Richardson
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