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18514Re: Architecture for XP and scalable web sites

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  • Chad Fowler
    Jan 1, 2001
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      --- In extremeprogramming@egroups.com, "Keith Richardson"
      <keith@s...> wrote:
      > --- In extremeprogramming@egroups.com, "Chad Fowler"
      > <chadfowler@y...> wrote:
      > > I think the point of a lot of these messages is that EJB is not,
      > > least at the beginning of a project, (in most cases) the simplest
      > > thing that could possibly work.

      > How would you have handled the user story: "Must be able to scale
      > quickly to unpredictable levels when a new client wants to deploy
      > a high load environment"? Maybe there is a good reason by this is a
      > bad user story but I am having a hard time not having this need
      > to a technology selection.

      Perhaps, your project doesn't fall into the "in most cases"
      category. If it were me, I would choose the simplest thing that I
      *believe* could possibly work and follow up with a performance spike
      using load testing software. Of course, as Ron mentioned in a
      previous response, words like "unpredictable" don't lend themselves
      to estimation. I would first try to get a solid idea of
      what "unpredictable" might mean.
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