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18503Re: Architecture for XP and scalable web sites

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  • John Brewer
    Jan 1 12:42 PM
      --- In extremeprogramming@egroups.com, "Keith Richardson" <keith@s...>
      > A highly scalable web site must be able to automate
      > persistance of session and environment data, allow deployment to be
      > easily adjusted and many other features that EJBs (and more
      > completely J2EE) provides.

      Don't believe all of Sun's hype. EJBs aren't done yet. In
      particular, the current state of entity beans leaves lots to be

      I've heard of at least one XP project that ended up removing the
      entity beans from their system because of performance problems.
      Fortunately, they had the well-factored code and corresponding tests
      to make that possible. I believe they eventually eliminated all the
      fancy app-server stuff from their code, allowing them to deploy using
      an inexpensive servlet container.

      John Brewer
      Jera Design
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