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18500Re: [XP] What's the Design work's place in XP?

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  • Kevin Smith
    Jan 1, 2001
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      > I'm just a beginner of XP. It appears that XP emphasis iterational development
      > but place less importantce on design work. Can you tell me what's the
      > place of design work in XP?

      Design in so important in XP that we continue
      doing design work every day of the project,
      rather than only a fraction of the time at the
      beginning. [That's my prepared answer to RUP

      XP believes that no matter how much time you
      spend designing without coding, you won't come up
      with the best design. As you code, you'll see
      things you hadn't thought of, and the customer
      will probably change their mind about what they
      want. So we don't bother spending a big chunk of
      time up front on an abstract design, knowing that
      doing so won't prevent change later anyway.

      Instead, we do just enough design to accomplish
      the task that we're working on. And we do enough
      design (re-design) to refactor the code around it
      to keep it all clean. We do design minutes at a
      time, rather than days/weeks/months at a time.

      Other XP practices help make this approach work.
      Pair programming, so you have two brains
      designing rather than one. Automated testing, so
      we can refactor and redesign at will. Simplicity,
      so our design and code are always easy to
      understand, extend, and modify.