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16875RE: [XP] who do your pair with?

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  • Robert Watkins
    Dec 3, 2000
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      C.J.M. Booth writes:
      > Robert Watkins
      > As far as I can tell, all these people give sound advice, and
      > make thoughtful comments based on their experience. Yet we never
      > seem to hear from those that they pair with. I wonder why that
      > is. Would any of you care to explain, please. (I suspect that
      > the explanation might make some reference to the difference
      > between introverts and extroverts.)

      Well, in my case, we don't do XP. A small group of us are trying, and we're
      getting quite a few of the XP values and practices adopted, but
      pair-programming in particular is one our management doesn't want to
      swallow. We get around it by pairing informally, especially senior-junior
      people under the label of mentoring.

      There were a couple of other guys here that posted intermittently, but
      they've moved on. Another couple read the list. We've got a division of
      labour, as well... monitoring the XP groups is one of my "tasks".

      > PS Another question: do you folks talk over any of your postings
      > with your pairs?

      No, not usually. I frequently highlight messages on the list to the group I
      work with, though.


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