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16854Re: [XP] who do your pair with?

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  • kjray
    Dec 2, 2000
      C. J. M. Booth <cjmb@...> on 12/1/00 2:33 AM wrote:
      >As far as I can tell, all these people give sound advice, and make
      >thoughtful comments based on their experience. Yet we never seem to hear
      >from those that they pair with. I wonder why that is. Would any of you
      >care to explain, please. (I suspect that the explanation might make some
      >reference to the difference between introverts and extroverts.)

      One of my team-members is subscribed to the junit mailing list, and
      complains that he gets too many messages. He would NOT be able to handle
      this XP mailing list, because his reading speed is not up for it. Many
      of my co-workers would also not be up for 50+ mail messages a day,
      whether in digest form or not, because they are not native English
      reader/speakers, or just not fast readers. This is probably more
      important than introvert/extrovert. Some would not read the mailing list
      at home, as I do, because they have a life / children / hobbies / etc.
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