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16820Re: [XP] who do your pair with?

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  • Kevin Smith
    Dec 1, 2000
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      > As far as I can tell, all these people give sound advice,
      > and make thoughtful comments based on their experience. Yet
      > we never seem to hear from those that they pair with. I
      > wonder why that is. Would any of you care to explain,
      > please. (I suspect that the explanation might make some
      > reference to the difference between introverts and
      > extroverts.)

      I'm only doing XP-for-one from home. No luck converting work
      to XP yet. There is some hope in that area, however.

      I've done some pairing in the past (before I knew about XP).
      But it's the practice that I've had the least experience
      with, so I tend to listen more than talk (type) when the
      topic of PP comes up.

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