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16812Re: [XP] who do your pair with?

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  • Laurent Bossavit
    Dec 1, 2000
      Chris asks :

      > As far as I can tell, all these people give sound advice, and make
      > thoughtful comments based on their experience. Yet we never seem
      > to hear from those that they pair with. I wonder why that is.

      My explanation is fairly simple - I'm still the only programmer in the
      team, doing "XP for one". Incidentally, I'm meeting a potential PP
      partner tonight - he has interviewed with management already, who
      have a favorable opinion, but they thoughtfully asked me to talk and
      pair with him to confirm that decision. What makes me even
      happier is that what they gave him by way of a job description was
      "we're looking for a PP partner for Laurent". At the very least my
      fears about transitioning from "XP for one" to "as nearly XP as we
      can manage" have been listened to.

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      that only it can solve.
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