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16811who do your pair with?

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  • C. J. M. Booth
    Dec 1, 2000
      Hi folks,

      There has been quite a lot of recent discussion about pairing, especially over long distances. That led me to notice the following. There are quite a few people who regularly/frequently post in this group who seem to be the only ones who post from their company/domain. For example (not an exhaustive list; just from memory; in no particular order):

      Dossy Shiobara
      Laurent Bossavit
      John Brewer
      David Corbin
      Tom Pardee
      Joshua Kerievsky (sp?)
      Michael Hill
      Ralph Johnson
      Robert Watkins

      As far as I can tell, all these people give sound advice, and make thoughtful comments based on their experience. Yet we never seem to hear from those that they pair with. I wonder why that is. Would any of you care to explain, please. (I suspect that the explanation might make some reference to the difference between introverts and extroverts.)

      Thanks in anticipation of some interesting answers,


      PS Another question: do you folks talk over any of your postings with your pairs?

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