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159176Re: [XP] List of metrics for Agile-inspired requirements engineering

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  • xyphrnld0x
    Aug 24 6:38 AM
      I, too, appreciate Ron's straightforward "working software" metric.  Alas, many larger, more traditional clients feel the need for something more predictive than reflective.  Lately, rather than tell them "you're wrong!" (then go looking for smaller clients to pester), I'm favoring estimated "Cost of Delay": We estimate how much we'll lose (over some period of time) if we don't build or do something.It puts the estimation-of-value efforts back where they always should have been: With the whole business, including execs and Product Managers and team members. This estimate can be as elaborate or as simple as people want to make it.  (Simple is usually better, but "Planning Poker"-style value estimation, for example, can miss too many important factors and necessary discussions.) There are a handful of fairly straightforward CoD "patterns" that whole teams can examine, and it seems like a simplified extension of typical budgeting, so they may as well learn it, and get good at doing it. ("If it's painful, do it often." -- Kent Beck.)

      Apparently Reinertson ( http://smile.amazon.com/The-Principles-Product-Development-Flow/dp/1935401009/ ) has called this the only metric we need.

      (Well, perhaps it's the only *predictive* metric we need. Other informational metrics are still useful, so long as the team finds them useful.)

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      The number of working, tested features in the hands of customers. Ron Jeffries pointed this one out a long time ago, and so far it is the only metric that has never bitten me. 

      On Friday, August 22, 2014, kalyan.abhi@... [extremeprogramming] <extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hello ,

      can anyone suggest metrics and measurements that actually contribute to the requirements process flow in agile development methodologies? 


      As a part of my Master Thesis I conducted research to find the metrics and measurements for agile inspired requirements engineering through Systematic Literature review and found list of metrics that contributes to the requirements flow.

      But still some of the metrics listed cant be concluded as efficient due to lack of evidence 

      So, If any one use any of the metrics listed in survey, it would be grateful if you can share your experiences with the respective metrics.

      You can check the identified list of metrics in the following survey link, it would be really grateful if you could fill in the survey as i am trying to find evidence for most appropriate set of metrics. 

      Metrics and Measurements for agile/lean-inspired requirements engineering Survey

      Metrics and Measurements for agile/lean-inspired requirements engineering Survey
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