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159161Re: [XP] Multitasking

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  • jeffgrigg63132
    Aug 16, 2014
      I've never seen anyone multi-task while programming.  Seems like a crazy idea.And it's fundamentally incompatible with TDD anyway.  Unless you attempt to write several different independent features simultaneously, it wouldn't be possible to follow the test-code-refactor cycle.  And the tools don't support it, even if you found someone who could do it.
      Now sometimes instead of explaining what you intend to do, it makes sense for a partner to "give you a little room" to just do it and then examine the result.  When there's been doubt as to "which way would be better," I've just done it both ways, put the code side-by-side and asked, "Which do you think is better?"  Rather then speculate and argue, let's see it both ways and then judge it.  (This has worked pretty well for me.)
      Programming (at least with today's technologies) is pretty linear.  If someone can do it well, and also yell at their kids and play music and also pet the cat at the same time...  Well, good for the cat!   ^-^
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