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159117Re: [XP] TDD and kinds of test

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  • Charlie Poole
    Apr 3, 2014
      Hi Dionatan,

      TDD _could_ be made to mean any-kind-of-test-driven-development and some people do in fact talk about it that way. My impression, however, is that most of us in this community do not use TDD with that meaning. I don't.

      If we were to apply TDD to (for example) System Tests, we would be using the term more as an analogy and I think it would lose a lot of meaning. So... what does "make it fail" mean for a system test? Is it not having a system at all? How should it fail?

      XP was the first methodology to deal with how programmers work on an hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute basis. TDD was invented as a part of that low-level structuring of the work of programming.

      That's not to say that you shouldn't have other kinds of tests... you should! And it's not to say that you shouldn't do them first to whatever extent possible. You should - especially for Acceptance / Customer tests. It's merely that when you do those things you are doing something different from what we usually mean by TDD.

      I try to promote what I call Test-Centric Development when I work with teams. It's a general umbrella term for lots of different kinds of tests, automated and not, low-level and high, which I find necessary in any project. I could call the over-arching thing TDD, which would then have one sub-part also called TDD, but that would be very confusing.


      On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 1:01 PM, Dionatan Moura <dionat4n@...> wrote:


      The focus of TDD is unit testing, right? But, TDD could have another kind of tests like integration, functional and acceptance tests?

      I would appreciate some literature about this too.

      This link talks about it, but I'm still in doubt.

      Dionatan Moura

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