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159113Re: [XP] Taking it back

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  • jeffgrigg63132
    Mar 30 4:46 AM
      I just think that it's quite typical for us humans to want the benefits without having to accept changes or do any work.

      Like, I want the health benefits, but I don't want to be bothered with exercise, and I'd rather not change my eating habits.

      I often see that the traditional plan- and document-driven approaches are appealing to people because they seem intuitive, and they offer the promise of predictability, efficiency, control, etc.  That they don't deliver on such promises causes stress and confusion, but little motivation for change, as the agile approaches look even scarier.

      ---In <beckfordp@...> and <linux_tim@...> wrote :

      ... I think this is the crux of the problem, the assumption that everyone shares our values and are as motivated as we are to change things...

      Most who attempt to adopt Agile buy-in to the idea of software faster and cheaper... courage and respect just isn't on their radar....

      One way we perhaps could help reduce the dilution of Agile ideas is by spending more time speaking about the pre-requisites. My view is that most organisations just aren't ready for Agile Software Development. They want the benefits sure,... but they lack the prerequisite values and culture.

      Most could do with a huge dose of Organisational Therapy working through deep rooted cultural and structural issues that are holding them back. ...

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