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158972Re: [XP] Taking it back

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  • John Maxwell
    Feb 28, 2014
      On 02/28/2014 03:38:50 AM, Charlie Poole wrote:

      > It seems to me that you've had your own experiences with FA and you
      > are looking for someone to blame. It's not us. The fact that we don't
      > want to rant against it, which you take for surrender, could mean
      > that we've found ranting to be an ineffective tactic. How does it
      > work for you?
      Poorly. And that's one of the major reasons that I resist becoming
      either a manager or a coach. I'm perfectly aware that I'm far too blunt
      for many folks to be comfortable with. I suspect that with significant
      effort, I could probably learn to be mediocre at either of those jobs;
      I doubt I'd ever be really good at them, whereas I _am_ good at

      Back on topic: I'm not asking for rants, and I'm only blaming you
      (plural) for one thing relating to FA: The refusal to say, explicitly
      and unambiguously, that the only way we know of to become agile is XP.
      That refusal is a significant factor in enabling FA.

      If I'm wrong about that being the only way we're aware of to achieve
      agility, then please, point me at alternative ways; given how hard it
      is to convince people of XP's merits, I'd *love* to have an

      > Another branch is doing the ceremony but not really being agile. The
      > latter sometimes arises when people are simply given a list of things
      > and told to do them.

      That's not what I'm advocating. What I am advocating is "...given a
      list of things", but not "and told to do them" (in the sense of "told
      to do them" that I think you mean; essentially "Do it or else" from
      someone in authority).

      What's driving me crazy is that all of the writing about Agile I've
      seen goes to incredible lengths to avoid advocating, or frequently even
      mentioning, XP, when it's the only way I know of to _get_ to agility.

      Avoiding coercion is one thing, but it feels to me like agile has gone
      way too far in the opposite direction from coercion.


      John Maxwell KB3VLL jmax@...

      "Personally I'm fond of using Dedekind cuts for representing the Reals,
      but it gets cumbersome to use when balancing one's checkbook."
      -Charles Haynes
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