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158957Re: [XP] Taking it back

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  • John Maxwell
    Feb 27, 2014
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      On 02/28/2014 12:42:21 AM, Charlie Poole wrote:

      > IMO, it's OK to actively try to get the team to adopt XP, but only
      > _if_you're_on_the_team_. Is that what you mean?
      From a personal point of view, that's what I mean, yes. I am not a
      manager nor a coach; I will never voluntarily be either of those

      Despite the fact that I will never be speaking as a non-team member, I
      still disagree with your position as I understand it.

      > It's never reasonable to say "this is what you should do." Is that
      > too fine a point? I don't think so I think it actually is _the_
      > point.
      We tell people that they should use high level languages instead of
      machine language or assembler. We tell people that they should use
      source control. We tell people all kinds of things about what the good
      ways to develop software are. Why is XP different?

      > > And if that's not the position, if it's OK to actively attempt to
      > > get
      > > a
      > > team to adopt XP, than why the heck do all of the guiding lights of
      > > Agile bend over backwards to avoid ever saying so?

      > I'm not familiar with that happening, but it probably depends on whom
      > you are talking about.

      You just did it, right there in the quote before last, beginning with
      "It's never reasonable...".

      Look, there's a huge difference between telling someone "This is the
      right way to do things." and ramming it down their throat.

      I get that you're worrying about the harmful effects of forcing someone
      to adopt a practice they don't believe in. But I keep seeing people
      refusing to adopt any part of XP, and yet claiming to be Agile. That's
      just factually incorrect, and I don't see what's wrong with saying so,
      out loud, in so many words.


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