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  • Leonardo Postacchini
    Feb 25, 2014
      Tim Ottinger,

      I think your e-mail touches the question of mindset vs practices, if the mindset is there, the practices follow, people may not have practice in the practices but that they may learn. On the other hand, if the mindset is not acquired the practices are mechanical stuff and the decision making processes will not favor agile, the practices will become only one more chain in the processes, on more thing people will regret being forced to do.

      On 25 February 2014 09:00, daswartz@prodigy <daswartz@...> wrote:

      Nice analogy. Or was that a simile? My high school English teachers
      would be surely be happier if I were sure.


      Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 4:36:22 AM, you wrote:

      > Tim …

      > On Feb 24, 2014, at 11:11 PM, Tim Ottinger <linux_tim@...> wrote:

      > What makes me crazy is when people are too smart for XP (heh!) and
      > so they add in all kinds of "smart" waterfall stuff, and throw out
      > anything that makes developers safe or gives PMs any ability to
      > direct work, and then toss crappy code into the pile at full speed
      > because velocity is to be maximized.

      > I wish we could spend all our time with good, honest,
      > straight-forward attempts that come with legitimate hunger for improvement.

      > It's like having agile back.

      > In early days, we swept up a bunch of bright interested people who
      > picked up on the ideas and worked with them. Even then, we ran into
      > more companies and more people who weren’t ready. A few idiots even
      > wrote books saying this stuff couldn’t work.

      > We ran into people who wanted to improve but who had been taught by
      > people they respected that you had to do things certain ways. You
      > had to nail down your requirements. You had to figure out your
      > design up front. You had to test your code with different people
      > from those who wrote it. And so on

      > All the same kinds of people are out there. Bright interested
      > people. Idiots. People who know the wrong things. New faces, same ideas.

      > I think it’s like teaching high school. Every year a new batch of
      > freshmen, who have to be taken through the same growth in
      > understanding and maturity as the last batch.

      > It gets tiring. Everyone used to tell me that I should be a
      > teacher. I never believed it, because I could see in high school
      > that the students grew and the teachers mostly did not. Oh, sure,
      > they tried new techniques and they stayed on top of their subject,
      > but there they were, year after year, and the students moved on and
      > while maybe most of them just got jobs, at least some of them went on to do exciting things.

      > I also had a few really excellent teachers who were the wind
      > beneath my wings. And, I hope, I was even sometimes a delight to
      > them as they saw some glimmer of hope that this one might amount to
      > something. Of course, I never did amount to anything, but at the
      > time I hope they had a bit of hope about this somewhat shiny stone among the pebbles.

      > What we do here is being done in more and more places. Little
      > companies are starting up, working in the joyful style we believe
      > in. Even more oddly, little pockets in big organizations are doing
      > it: Chet and I are working with the University of Michigan Med
      > School’s IT department, who are working in an Agile fashion as they
      > understand it. We believe they’ll understand it better, soon. (Hmm,
      > the hope is on the other foot now … but I digress. Or do I?)

      > Everywhere I go, I find people who don’t get it and who know this
      > isn’t how you’re supposed to do things. But they want to improve and
      > they listen and sometimes the ideas take hold a bit and things get better.

      > We have choices about what to do. Teaching this stuff is like
      > teaching high school. It involves and endless succession of people
      > who don’t get it and many of whom don’t want it. It seems like no
      > progress, because all the progress happens downstream of us, after
      > we’ve helped them learn the same stuff as we helped the last batch learn.

      > It could be time to stop teaching high school and make something.
      > That’s what I want to do. It could be time to join a company and
      > help build a great product. That’s what some of us have tried. I
      > don’t want to do that. I do want to choose my courseI don’t want to
      > stand in one spot while the world goes by.  I want to go toward
      > something, not away from something.

      > Buckaroo Banzai said “No matter where you go, there you are.” It is
      > possible that Buckaroo was quoting Baba Ram Dass or Buddha or
      > Confucius. The point remains, here we are.

      > The world is the same as it ever was. As usual, it is unevenly
      > distributed. The thing … ah that’s what you want to know, isn’t it? What’s the thing?

      > The thing is this: Swim where the krill seem plentiful and tasty.


      > Ron Jeffries
      > www.XProgramming.com

      > Sometimes you just have to stop holding on with both hands, both
      > feet, and your tail, to get someplace better. Of course you might
      > plummet to the earth and die, but probably not: you were made for this.


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