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158859Re: [XP] ROI of "Engineering Practices"

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  • Charlie Poole
    Dec 5, 2013

      I have come to believe that the highest cost of not doing xp is that time is spent doing things with no or little value. I know that there is research showing a high percentage of developed features, which are never used or used only rare!y but I've never seen it done inside a company, probably because somebody would end up with the blame.


      On Dec 5, 2013 8:46 AM, "Adam Sroka" <adam.sroka@...> wrote:

      On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 11:18 AM, Steven Gordon <sgordonphd@...> wrote:

      Are the projects currently being coached showing reduction in defects and/or shorter cycle times?  If not, why not?

      Anecdotally, yes. 
      Does the organization even know what their defect rate and cycle times are in those same projects before coaching?

      I'm not on site and can't speak to this, but I believe much of the historical data is missing or suspect. In most transformations that I have been involved with the customer is either tracking the wrong things or nothing before a coach suggests it. 
      I originally interpreted the question as how does one compute the actual monetary value of defect and cycle time reduction in order to compare that with the cost of coaching.  Is that wrong, and management is questioning whether the improvements will happen, not whether the improvements are worth the cost?  Or is it both?

      Actually, my original question was how do we assign a monetary value to the risks that we mitigate by incorporating XP practices. 

      My intuitive sense is that:

      cost of a defect that does harm to the business >> loss of opportunity cost due to high cycle time >> cost of fixing defects found late in development or in production

      I have some sense about how to calculate the last two. However, because I suspect that mitigating the risk of disaster is significant I would like to know how/if others have calculated it. 

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