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158853Re: [XP] ROI of "Engineering Practices"

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  • Adam Sroka
    Dec 5, 2013
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      Hi John:

      On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 11:40 PM, John Roth <JohnRoth1@...> wrote:

      Hi Adam,

      If he's asking you, I suspect it means that he doesn't have a good story that ties in to his upper management's goals. I like the comments I've seen about finding out what they are.

      On the basis of a complete lack of information, I'd make a couple of suggestions about what those goals could be.

      1. Stability. The XP engineering practices underlie project management practices that allow predictable productivity.

      2. Defect reduction. The XP practices tend to lead to cleaner software releases.

      3. More frequent releases, which reduces the inventory cost of written software that hasn't been deployed. In other words, getting the R faster for the I.

      Are those goals that would make sense to your client's upper management? If so, does your client have enough experience to say this approach will meet them?

      Yes. I think these are important. I also think greater responsiveness to customer needs and changing market conditions and shorter time to fix defects that are found are significant potential benefits. 

      I think the client believes he is getting these things, or at least that he will once the practices have been adopted more widely by teams that deliver pieces of his portfolio. 

      I am not sure that the client knows how to convince a non-technical audience that what the coaches are/will be doing will impact those things. It is possible that they have heard similar things in the past and not seen the results. I suppose my task is to prepare him for that as best I can and hope that he sells it effectively. 

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