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158828[XP] How to estimate the production capacity for a release XP

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  • Ks Vernogo
    Nov 24, 2013
      [Brasil......Sorry if you do not understand something]

      Given the information below, estimate the capacity
      production team for the first release and the first iteration.

      · Size of releases = 2 months;
      · Number of releases = 5;
      · Size of iterations = 2 weeks;
      · Team Size = 8.

      Any explanation helps

      ___Se A team specified that the first iteration is capable of doing 24
      points, but after completing it did 20, which should be done to
      calculate the capacity of the team to the next iteration?

      ___Se In a release has not been possible to develop all requirements
      which were established for her, what should be done?
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