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158785Re: [XP] Misunderstanding and re-writing the manifesto

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  • Francis Fish
    Sep 2, 2013
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      On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 5:22 PM, Kay <tranzpupy@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Since I've been a member of this list since 2002 � I've seen and heard a
      > lot of "lies" and misunderstandings about what XP (and "Agile" IS. I just
      > overheard a webinar where the speaker implied that the manifesto said
      > a'tools and processes were NOT important-- the speaker said "WE (the
      > contracting company) think tools and processes are *VERY* important"
      > AAAGGGGHHHHH! They ALSO said "we Will still be doing requirements, but we
      > will CALL them "user stories" OMG "Agile" is truly dead�.
      > I plan to cry a lot tonight.
      > Kay Pentecost
      Lots of places do what I call the "agile waterfall". They have Business
      Analysts who distill (i.e. lose at least 30%) of the business knowledge
      from the stakeholder. Then there's lots of rework rediscovering the 30% and
      the stakeholder is not involved properly.

      You have the outer forms, e.g. stand up meetings, the board, planning poker
      etc. but the heart of all of this is putting communication with the
      business at the top of the agenda - and the business are "too busy" and the
      analyst isn't putting a lot of detail in the stories - so you get a
      waterfall with shorter iterations by any other name.

      Agile is a state of mind and the labels don't matter, but you get this
      thing where people "unpack the box" and think it changes their thinking.
      Nope. I wish it did. Changing thinking requires a kind of commitment and
      honesty that is hard to find. It also requires the retrospectives to mean
      something, and the team and business to work together on what Deming called
      the common purpose. This is hard when people think in budgets and gantt
      charts, it's *really* hard when you need (say) some kind of uptick in
      productivity and you're just expected to *do it* - if you could have you
      would have.

      Thanks and Regards,


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      "So when targets seem stupid, arbitrary and unfair it's because they *are*.
      The only way to improve is to look at the whole system people are operating
      with, the basic tools, their training, how much initiative they are
      allowed, are you measuring the right things (more about that later) and
      then you can improve. But it's the *system* you improve, not the people you
      beat into performing even worse." Unicorns in the

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