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158776Re: [XP] How not to do Kanban

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  • Francis Fish
    Aug 29, 2013
      Hi Kay

      Change the organisation or ... change organisation. I did once work in a
      place where they created (no lie) "Professor of Word Processing" so they
      could shunt an incompetent with tenure out of the way. Is this team lead
      also the gatekeeper to more senior management? Can you do anything about

      btw - I love Larry's post too.

      On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 2:49 AM, Larry Brunelle <brunelle@...> wrote:

      > I'm reminded of the signs we sometimes see in garages
      > reading something like
      > Labor $90 hourly
      > If you watch $125
      > If you help $175
      > If you worked on it first $200
      > to which could perhaps be added
      > If you stand there and tell me how to do it $300
      > Kay wrote:
      > > Okay, they told us to do Kanban. So, one day, the "team lead"
      > > (whose sole job is "tasking" the employees and who had me
      > > "right-justify"columns in a sql insert script (a text file) so it
      > > would be 'easier to maintain" � so one day, by herself, the "team
      > > lead" created a Kanban board with the backlog . No imput from the
      > > "team"
      > >
      > > And you wonder why I'M crying?
      > >
      > > (I've had my own Kanban board (for my own "tasks" up for a year.)
      > >
      > > kay P.
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      with, the basic tools, their training, how much initiative they are
      allowed, are you measuring the right things (more about that later) and
      then you can improve. But it's the *system* you improve, not the people you
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