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158772Re: [XP] Misunderstanding and re-writing the manifesto

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  • Dossy Shiobara
    Aug 28, 2013
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      Just think: in 400 years, when folks are mercilessly editing the Gospels
      of Ron, Kent, Ward and Chet, or the Letters to the Programmers ... what
      we know as XP today may very well be entirely unrecognizable.

      Look at Jesus ... you already know how his methodology turned out ...

      On 8/28/13 12:22 PM, Kay wrote:
      > Since I've been a member of this list since 2002 -- I've seen and heard a lot of "lies" and misunderstandings about what XP (and "Agile" IS. I just overheard a webinar where the speaker implied that the manifesto said a'tools and processes were NOT important-- the speaker said "WE (the contracting company) think tools and processes are *VERY* important" AAAGGGGHHHHH! They ALSO said "we Will still be doing requirements, but we will CALL them "user stories" OMG "Agile" is truly dead....
      > I plan to cry a lot tonight.

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