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158770Re: [XP] Misunderstanding and re-writing the manifesto

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Aug 28, 2013
      Clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right �

      On Aug 28, 2013, at 12:32 PM, "Kay" <tranzpupy@...> wrote:

      > When i first started workin here at this command and control culture, *everyone* said "Agile won't work here." Then the top brass said "you WILL do agile. NOW *everyone* thinks we're agile. They "think" what they are told to "think" .

      Ron Jeffries
      I know we always like to say it'll be easier to do it now than it
      will be to do it later. Not likely. I plan to be smarter later than
      I am now, so I think it'll be just as easy later, maybe even easier.
      Why pay now when we can pay later?

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