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158764Re: [XP] Spike stories - estimation and acceptance criteria ?

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Aug 23, 2013
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      The purpose of a spike is to answer a question. Perhaps you're not sure
      if a 3rd-party library will support the functionality you need. You
      allocate how much time you're willing to spend and do just enough work
      to answer the question. The spike is over when you run out of allocated
      time, or you answer the question.

      If you run out of time, you want to make an explicit decision to budget
      more time or to take a different approach.

      - George

      On 8/23/13 9:02 PM, Ram Srinivasan wrote:
      > Hello Folks,
      > My understanding is that there are 2 types of spikes - technical and
      > functional. And that spike stories need not have an estimate (as they are
      > time boxed to 1-2 days), and cannot be estimated (in story points), because
      > it is research work, if we know what to do, we would build the feature and
      > not do a spike. Is my understanding correct?
      > Does Ron's 3Cs (Card, Confirmation, Conversation) apply to spike stories as
      > well? Common sense tells me yes, and there is no harm. The acceptance
      > criteria for a technical spike may be something like "the DB should be
      > able to support 500K transactions without locking tables". Sometimes it may
      > not be possible to have acceptance criteria, its research work, you are
      > investigating it. I was looking at c2.com and xp123.com, but I could not
      > find relevant material which could confirm my understanding
      > Thanks,
      > Ram
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