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158710Re: [XP] Re: Rise & Fall of Design Patterns:Lessons to learn?

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Jul 24, 2013

      On 7/24/13 2:53 PM, Agustin Villena wrote:
      > Thank you all for the great feedback
      > Many answered questioning if Design Patterns has really fallen (a fair
      > point), but that was not my point.
      > My real question is:
      > If we want to use Patterns to document and communicate Agile Practices,
      > which pitfalls of the early Design Patterns movement we should avoid? (for
      > the goal of being really relevant for agile practitioners)

      I would be careful to make it clear that the patterns are not recipes,
      and not "universally good," but responses to a context. And I would
      illustrate each pattern in several contexts to show variations. Tell the
      story, not just the skeleton of the pattern.

      - George

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