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158692Re: [XP] Examples of good acceptance test criteria

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  • Phlip
    Jul 22 5:44 PM
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      > Note that while Cucumber is an excellent tool compatible with many
      > different programming languages you don't need to be using Cucumber to
      > benefit from writing your scenarios this way. There are also alternative
      > tools that use similar syntax.

      When I wrote Morelia viridis (a Python clone for Cucumber, in like 5%
      of the lines of code), I was not working with an XP team. But the only
      point of Cucumber notation ("Gherkin") is to let an onsite customer
      read and write the scenarios as business rules, without the extra
      clutter that a real programming language drags in.

      But one of my assignments went something like this: "If the customer
      orders up to 4 tee-shirts and one speed-suit, stick them all in a
      one-wet-suit box. But if they order two speed-suits, put these into a
      wet-suit box. If they order two speed-suits and a wet-suit, put them
      in a two-wet-suit box." And so on.

      I wrote all that up as Cucumber scenarios, passed them, and e-mailed them out.

      Our client emailed back one of the scenarios emended (4 tee-shirts & 1
      wet-suit in a single wet-suit box), and I entered that and passed it.

      _that_ is what Cucumber is for. And that's why DHH wrote a post
      flaming Cucumber, because he's tired of seeing everyone use it wrong.
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