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158675Request to participate in a survey about agile development

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  • markus_hummel@ymail.com
    Jun 26, 2013
      Dear all,

      After consultation with the group owner(s), I'd like to invite the
      members of the 'extremeprogramming' group to participate in my study
      about the impact of agile software-development on the communication
      mechanisms of project teams. You have the chance to win one of four
      Amazon giftcards (value 50$ each). You can find the survey here:

      Participation in the survey is completely anonymous and the results are
      only used for scientific purposes without any risks attached. If you
      want to participate in the lottery and receive a report with the
      results, you have the optional possibility to submit your e-mail address
      at the end of the survey.

      I'd greatly appreciate it if you support my research by
      participating in this survey.

      Kind regards,

      PhD Student, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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