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158652Re: [XP] Re: Developer Stories

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  • Phlip
    Apr 20 7:51 AM
      Adam Sroka :

      Team members helping to write stories, yes.
      Technical team members contributing stories that the customer cannot fully
      comprehend or prioritize, no.

      JeffGrigg wrote:

      > It's nearly always good for developers to *suggest* stories that could be done. This is a human venture. We benefit from getting as many good ideas out there as possible. And the developers will have a good idea of what is possible and easy -- and which may provide value.
      > But the Customer determines the priorities. So your brilliant idea might be prioritized to "yes, let's do it now" or "no, let's do it 'never.'"

      There are also Motherhood Stories. These can accrete, if nobody was
      prescient enough to declare one up front...
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