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  • JeffGrigg
    Apr 20, 2013
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      >>> Am I wrong, or is it generally bad for developers to put
      >>> their own stories into the Planning Game? This gets more
      >>> complicated if there is a legacy/technical debt.

      >> You are right.

      --- Phlip <phlip2005@...> wrote:
      > Unfortunately for the process, I'm sometimes better than my
      > clients and customers at thinking of a new feature.
      > XP: No, never add a feature story to the system.
      > Real life: Yes; show leadership.

      It's nearly always good for developers to *suggest* stories that could be done. This is a human venture. We benefit from getting as many good ideas out there as possible. And the developers will have a good idea of what is possible and easy -- and which may provide value.

      But the Customer determines the priorities. So your brilliant idea might be prioritized to "yes, let's do it now" or "no, let's do it 'never.'"
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