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158649Re: [XP] Developer Stories

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  • Adam Sroka
    Apr 19, 2013
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      Absolutely the whole team can contribute to the creation of good stories.
      However, given the additional context in the original post I don't think
      that was the question. Team members helping to write stories, yes.
      Technical team members contributing stories that the customer cannot fully
      comprehend or prioritize, no.

      On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 7:35 AM, Phlip <phlip2005@...> wrote:

      > **
      > >> Am I wrong, or is it generally bad for developers to put their own
      > > stories into the Planning Game? This gets more complicated if there is a
      > > legacy/technical debt.
      > >
      > > You are right.
      > Unfortunately for the process, I'm sometimes better than my clients
      > and customers at thinking of a new feature.
      > XP: No, never add a feature story to the system. Real life: Yes; show
      > leadership.

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