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158617Re: [XP] Re: Origins of user stories

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  • Theresa Forster (home)
    Apr 1, 2013
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      Your ATM story is interesting but wouldn't that be in odds with the epic, of
      A machine to dispense cash from the users account if they have the funds.

      Stories are good for exploring the functionality of a system and showing up edge cases. I remember reading somewhere that user stories are a reminder for the developer to have the conversation. And that is usually with the stakeholder who is part of your team and not all users of the system. For instance an accountant who works for sage when you are working on the next version of sage, any company who purchases the product is potentially the stakeholder but there is a designated person who speaks for the stakeholder.


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      On 1 Apr 2013, at 19:38, "Malapine" <madbadrabbit@...> wrote:

      > --- Steven Gordon <sgordonphd@...> wrote:
      > > The inmate example is an interesting case. For some applications,
      > > the inmates might be the *users*, not just stakeholders.
      > For any application, you can think of anti-stories that would
      > please some users, but harm other users or stakeholders. These
      > are often useful for testing purposes.
      > As an ATM user, I want the machine to dispense money without
      > debiting my account, so I can spend more.
      > As an elevator passenger, I want the car to take me straight to
      > the lobby and not stop on any other floors, so I can get out
      > of the building sooner.
      > etc.

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