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158586Re: [XP] Re: Origins of user stories

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  • Charlie Poole
    Mar 24, 2013
      XP generalizes this with the notion that "the Customer speaks with one
      voice." This leaves unstated whether the Customer is one person or several,
      and makes no particular statement of whether the Customer is a direct user
      of the system or not. One of my best all-time Customers was a sales
      manageer, who needed features that would be saleable to corporate
      decision-makers and usable by the end user.


      On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 12:44 PM, Adrian Howard <adrianh@...>wrote:

      > **
      > On 24 March 2013 19:39, Steven Gordon <sgordonphd@...> wrote:
      > > The main point is that it is often necessary to factor in stakeholders
      > > involved beyond the direct users. If there are a lot of stakeholders with
      > > competing interests, it is best to have a product owner to mediate those
      > > competing interests instead of having the development team thrash to try
      > to
      > > meet them.
      > The competing interests certainly need to be managed. I'd question
      > whether having a single PO being the only person in the Scrum team
      > being involved in that is necessarily the best solution in all
      > contexts.
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