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158571Re: [XP] Back of the Door Sticky Note Issue Tracking.

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  • Michal Svoboda
    Mar 13, 2013
      Ron Jeffries wrote:
      > > ... as if there were other kinds of problems. ;-)
      > Oh, there are. Like if the team doesn't know how to write code that
      > works, and tests that demonstrate that fact.

      Fair enough. But I would say that's a natural occurrence, or imperfection
      if you will. No-one is born with coding skills, we all learn.

      Now if or how big this is a problem, depends on communication. If I don't
      talk about it or they don't listen, then problem grows. So I observe that
      problems in communication are able to create proportionally greater
      disasters than anything else.

      Michal Svoboda
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