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158545Back of the Door Sticky Note Issue Tracking.

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  • John Carter
    Mar 12, 2013
      So Alastair Cockburn <http://alistair.cockburn.us/> came by this furthest
      corner of the planet and gave refreshing breeze of good sense....

      But one thing he mentioned, but nobody picked up on, and I had already
      overused my quota of questions....

      He said that some places are working with "sticky notes on the back of the
      door" issue tracking systems.

      ie. They have so few issues that they can track them in this very low tech

      I can of course imagine several routes to such a state....

      a) The Obvious and most Desirable route is Magic Happens, and developers
      create so few defects there aren't any defects for the testers to find.

      b) The "lean manufacturing", less desirable, but still sane answer that you
      balance the number of testers, new feature developers, and defect fixers
      until the rates of defect injection, discovery and fix are identical. (No

      c) The even less desirable, but still vaguely sanish answer that when the
      sticky notes have covered the door... you start throwing away the least
      important (and rely on the tester's memory that we found that bug before,
      but threw it away).

      d) The totally unacceptable route that you have so few / so weak testers
      that despite an ever growing pool of defects, they aren't finding them.

      Anybody have any experience of what Alastair was talking about?

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      Tait Electronics Fax : (64)(3) 359 4632
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      New Zealand


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