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  • Ryan King
    Mar 1, 2013
      I've forgotten ~87% of what I used to know about using cards to stay focused without losing track of the important trails that we discover along the way.

      What are your favorite practices in this vicinity?

      I remember hearing/saying things like, "good idea, but it's not on the card," "card that," "do you think these cards are small enough that we can finish them in one session?" and, "we didn't accomplish much of what we set out to do. Why not?"

      How do you size/scope your per-session cards?

      How do you balance ones that feed into customer stories vs. addressing code and process smells? Does your answer to this change if you're on a project backed up with technical debt such as missing tests, broken windows, poorly factored code, or funky bugs?

      How do you carry cards over from previous days' discoveries?

      Who owns the responsibility for championing a card before it finds itself on the Giant Pile of TODOs We Won't Do? Is it both members of the pair that find it? Is it one team member? I'd it the whole team, and I'd do do you make this part of the stand-up meeting's announcements?

      Do you present it to the Customer to rank against prefer uses of your time?

      What do you do when the rate of new work clearly outpaces the rate of accomplishments?

      Halp! (And thanks.)

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