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158536Re: Hubflow? More like Hubflown't

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  • JeffGrigg
    Feb 15, 2013
      > --- Ryan King <ryanjosephking@...> wrote:
      >> How would you verbalize the pro's/con's of full C.I.,
      >> one-way C.I., and no C.I., to someone who is bought
      >> into the importance of feature-branches?

      --- Adrian Howard <adrianh@...> wrote:
      > One observation is that it often seems to be tied to the
      > team's preferred way of working. If you like working by
      > yourself / remotely then having feature branches can seem
      > a nice way to work since you don't have to deal with the
      > rest of the team most of the time.

      OK; the blog author has discovered feature branches. I do find it interesting that there is no mention of merging mainline changes into long-lived feature branches. In my experience, the longer you wait before merging, the riskier and more costly the merge process.

      Branching, particularly long-lived branching (with little merging) tends to punish refactoring.

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