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158243Re: [XP] why do people say agile when they mean waterfall

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  • Ashish Mahajan
    Nov 12 2:27 AM
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      There can be 2 things that can be done :

      1. Change the "company"
      2. "Change" the company

      You did the second!which is most of the people do when they have little or no power to influence the org structure or practices and orgs are resistant to change.


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      Subject: [XP] why do people say agile when they mean waterfall

      So, I just left my last company after only 1 and a half months in the job.

      I was hired as a Senior Developer Agile C#/VB.NET

      So, every day we would have a stand up, where the project manager would
      hand out tasks and move stuff on the wall (the only person allowed to do and
      only at the stand up) which would last 15 -30 minutes.

      We had to follow a specific predefined way of doing things and create
      copious documentation including Full technical specs for "iteration 4" that
      included complete design specifications with full estimates which will be

      Iteration 4 was just what the company agreed to deliver by the end of the
      year, and there was no discussion or input from the development team, The
      only people who were at the meeting with the client was the BA/Project
      Manager and it sounds like they just nodded their head and did what the
      client wanted.

      So my question is,

      Is there anything that can be done to correctly "agile up" a company that
      pretends to do agile in this manner?


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