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158231Re: [XP] Product Owner and retrospectives

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  • Michal Svoboda
    Oct 19, 2012
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      Ram Srinivasan wrote:
      > 1. PO is a participant there might be valuable input from/for PO. Also
      > POs help might be needed to resolve some impediments beyond the scope of
      > the team.
      > 2. PO can be an observer
      > 3. PO not being in the team's retrospective
      > Is there anything else that you can think of (may be not just PO, but
      > someone in a position of authority e.g. Director/V.P of development) ?
      > Obviously these are context dependent, but what would be the pros/cons and
      > smells in these approaches?

      (1) Is prefered variant for me. Big advantage - people act as a team and
      build trust in each other. Anybody who is involved with the product
      should be part of the team. For inexperienced teams, watch for tendencies
      to override the discussion, leaving not enough space for everyone to
      express themselves freely.

      (2) Anybody who does not participate fully may give an enigmatic
      appearance of taker and not giver and may make the team uncomfortable.

      (3) They will lose contact with the team.

      As for anything else, it may be useful, for example due to experience,
      that (4) they facilitate the meeting.
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