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158230Re: [XP] Product Owner and retrospectives

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  • Chet Hendrickson
    Oct 19, 2012
      Hello Ram,

      XP doesn't have a Product Owner role and its does not require retrospectives.

      XP does have a Customer, and she is a full member of the Whole Team. Her participation in a the Team's retrospective should be the same as any other member's.


      Friday, October 19, 2012, 9:48:03 AM, you wrote:

      I am curious to know the different ways in which a PO can participate/not
      participate in a team's retrospective. Some of the ways that I can think of

      1. PO is a participant there might be valuable input from/for PO. Also
      POs help might be needed to resolve some impediments beyond the scope of
      the team.
      2. PO can be an observer
      3. PO not being in the team's retrospective

      Is there anything else that you can think of (may be not just PO, but
      someone in a position of authority e.g. Director/V.P of development) ?

      Obviously these are context dependent, but what would be the pros/cons and
      smells in these approaches?


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