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157789RE: [XP] Agile Alliance Map

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  • Amir Kolsky
    May 31, 2012
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      My biggest beef against the map, is the testing line. A lot of the stuff
      there is not about testing at all, and *insert subway movie death cliché
      here* if you think about it this way.


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      Hi there,

      > I find a guide to agile practices mps in the Agile Alliance web site at:
      > http://guide.agilealliance.org/subway.html

      Thanks for noticing :)

      > I am not convinced that all the map is right about the defined path

      The groupings into "lines" are somewhat arbitrary.

      One intent of the map was to acknowledge that since the early days when
      Scrum and Extreme Programming first spurred discussion of barely over a
      dozen named and described practices, many new ideas and areas of
      investigation have come to light.

      Another was to acknowledge that these practices have been attended to by
      different sub-communitites within the Agile "movement".

      With these two ideas in mind, I just wrote down each practice name on a
      sticky, threw the stickies on the floor, and rearranged until I got
      something that seemed to make sense, or at least to convey some idea of what
      Agile has become nowadays.

      And yes, this is a first iteration that can probably use improvement: anyone
      should feel free to suggest some or even fork the map...

      (The Agile Alliance Archivist)

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