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157356Re: [XP] Velocity as a productivity metric

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  • RonJeffries
    Apr 9, 2012
      Hi Adrian,

      On Apr 9, 2012, at 8:29 AM, Adrian Howard wrote:

      > However what I'm hearing from Amir (which may, of course, be in my head not his words) is that he's generally in a situation where he's *confident* that a decrease in cycle time is a "good thing". Likewise for increases in cycle time being a bad thing.
      > I don't generally find myself in that place - I'm interested in figuring out one or more of:
      > * How I can do this
      > * Why Amir can do it in his context, and I can't do it in mine
      > * How I'm misunderstanding what Amir is saying (or vice versa)
      > Sound vaguely sane?

      Yes. Here's a random thought that I had about how a reduction in cycle time might not be good. Suppose when a feature comes in, we ship the current software and report the feature done. Cycle time drops quite low. Good, huh?

      Of course we'll have a lot of bug reports. But we handle them the same way: ship the current software and report the bug fixed.

      I'd like to hear from Amir on this one. :)

      Ron Jeffries
      If not now, when? -- Rabbi Hillel

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